Currently we have 15 own vehicles:

  • 1 Panel van (Mercedes Sprinter)
  • 3 Canvas covered van (Mercedes Sprinter)
  • 6 Canvas covered truck 7,5t gross (Iveco Eurocargo / Renault)
  • 4 Canvas covered truck 12t gross (Iveco Eurocargo / Volvo) with T-lift
  • 1 Canvas covered truck 18t gross (Volvo with T-lift)

Through our sub-contractors our fleet has increased with a truck (7,5t)

  • Length: 4,2m
    Width: 1,3m
    Height: 1,8m
    Cargo capacity: 1,3T
    Load area: 5pal (15m3)
  • Length: 4,2m
    Width: 2,1m
    Height: 2,2m
    Cargo capacity: 1,1T
    Load area: 8pal (19m3)
  • Length: 6,5m
    Width: 2,4m
    Height: 2,55m
    Cargo capacity: 3T
    Load area: 16pal (40m3)
  • Length: 7,2m
    Width: 2,45m
    Height: 2,65m
    Cargo capacity: 5,5T
    Load area: 18pal (46,7m3)